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Our Lady Outreach Network

Our Mission

Our Lady Outreach Network embraces and sponsors Catholic-Faith-based volunteer service opportunities with specific interest in Latin America. We are an organization of people from diverse backgrounds, skills and interests who serve humanity under one mantle.  We come together as one with the Church to fight poverty, improve education and assist as needed in the communities we serve. Through perseverance in prayer to Our Lady, we support and promote the opus of membership through recruitment, resources, network opportunities and loving activism.

We are a 501(3) c nonprofit organization in association with St. Peter Catholic Church located in Chillicothe, Ohio - United States.  You can lear more about St. Peter Catholic Church online at

Our Vision
Through deep-rooted faith in the Catholic Church, and with the graces bestowed by Our Lady, we sincerely hope all will experience the joy of our positive influence to change the world for the better.

Our Current projects are listed below and you can help be a part by donating via one of the following links 

The eyes of the poor are most likely to see Christ and, through Him, to see the face of God. - Pope Francis

Casa Hogar of Cordoba, is an institution that works at taking care of children and adolescents who do not have the opportunity to grow up in their own homes or simply don't have a home. In general, the children are orphans, abandoned, or of parents that are being detained. Casa Hogar of Cordoba, Veracruz México was founded in 1972 and offers a life of dignity for children so that they can develop and grow up in a safe environment, receive an education and in so better themselves and become productive members of society.

Typically there are between 30-40 children living at Casa Hogar

Our intention with Casa Hogar is to provide for some much needed structural repairs to the aging facility.  Likewise we know that our efforts to assist and interact with the children and staff will provide hope where there sometimes is only despair in the life of those that each day live without knowing the closeness of family relationships.

Above - Luis enjoys his lunch that was prepared for him on the kitchen facilities pictured below

Celestino & Esperanza (below) despite their situation at least for the time being do have each other.

The Family of Ruben Duran Roman & Olivia Rivera 

Ruben and Olivia are the parents of Elizama (17), Jabob (15), Rebeca (9) and Neftali (7).  They live in Córdoba Veracruz, México.  Ruben works on a ranch in a remote location and is away from home the majority of time.  Olivia works 6 days a week as a caretaker/housekeeper.

Elizama suffers from physical disabilities and requires around the clock care.  She is unable to walk or sit up on her own. Olivia wakes each morning around 5:00 am, prepares her home and family for the day.  Then at 6:45 am she walks to her job. Jacob the oldest boy leaves shortly thereafter to attend school.  Rebeca and Neftali remain at home with Elizama and provide for her care until Olivia returns home at the close of the day.

This scenario is very common for many families in México.  The working poor who do not have access to social assistance programs or formal education.

Our goal is to assist the family and give them the opportunity to live a life of dignity and purpose and eventually one of self reliance.  We hope by doing this, the family will remain together. Thus providing the opportunity for Jacob and his siblings to break  the cycle of poverty and illiteracy. We want to especially help Elizama so that she can experience simple freedoms and joys such as going outside for a ride in a wheelchair. Perhaps Rebeca and Neftali will even have the opportunity, unlike their parents to attend school and learn to read and write. We can make a difference and lighten the emotional and financial load on this family.

Asilo de Ancianos Emaus. (The Nursing Home of Emaus). Emaus is run by Hermanas de la Caridad de Santa Ana (Sisters of The Charity of Saint Ana)

On July 9, 1991 a community of three Sisters opened  the Nursing Home in the City of Córdoba, Veracruz, Mexico. At the beginning of the Foundation, the Community was also appointed to ensure the organization and administration of the House of Evangelism and Church by way of weekend group meetings and retreats.

At present, the Community, formed by the three Sisters, is responsible for the management of the residence "Emmaus" as well as nursing, essential provisions, kitchen and laundry. The Center, which is owned by the Congregation, also has 19 lay workers and serves fifty elderly residents. They organized the Health Pastoral Centre with the joint participation with the whole community including 9 laymen.  The Sisters provides staff training and visits with the elderly. Other pastoral activities include compliment ing the FSA and vocational instruction to youth. Outside of the center, they work with the Diocese of Córdoba with the Pre-Vocational Life.

Our Mission Group will include our own 3 Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart.  Their vow of poverty means that all of their travel expenses will need to be completely funded from contributions.  Please click on one of the following links to support them. 

Today people are suffering from poverty, but also from lack of love.~Pope Francis


Hoy se sufre por carencias materiales, pero también por falta de amor.~Papa Francisco

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